S-PHASEC, Co-Founder

Wanting to contribute to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, myself and Yale Medical Students Apurv Hirsh Shekhar and Haleigh Larson have recently founded a non-profit organization Students Promoting Health Advocacy and Synchronized Engagement within Communities for Crisis Response (S-PHASEC Crisis Response). Among our campaigns is our PIECE (Public Immunization Education & Community Effort against COVID-19) whose current mission is to aid in COVID-19 information and vaccination equity by establishing hyper-local grassroots vaccination communication campaigns. We are partnering with National Student Response Network (NSRN) to launch these campaigns on a national scale starting with our efforts in New Haven, CT.

S-PHASEC Mission:

Empowering students to aid health campaigns and serve in emergency response through advocacy, community-academic partnership, and open innovation.

S-PHASEC Vision:

We envision a world better prepared to coordinate effective health campaigns and equitable emergency response through systematized student service and strategy synchronized across communities, academia, government, and industry.

PIECE Campaign, Executive Director

Public Immunization Education & Community Effort (PIECE) Campaign aims to connect local organizations straight to the "source" of information by creating information tool-kits composed of approved messaging from local government, federal, and academic partners to aid in information equity. We aim to increase information access by empowering trusted messengers of community organizations with comprehensive, timely, and accurate information as it becomes available. Our teams will customize toolkits based on community organizations indicated needs as it pertains to the concerns of the specific populations they are serving. Toolkits will include things such as:

  • Information packets with vetted information

  • Specific documents translated in relevant languages

  • Messages simplified or conveyed pictorially for people with limited literacy

  • Relevant messaging and social media content to share with their constituents

  • Comprehensive updates about “pop-up” clinics, town halls and other community events related to COVID-19 vaccination

Cushing Society, Co-Founder & Co-President

The Yale Cushing Society was founded by myself and colleague and friend, Stefano Daniele in 2016, under the mentorship of Dr. Kristopher Kahle.

The mission of the Cushing Society is to foster a direct educational and research interface between Yale undergraduates and medical students with neurosurgery residents and faculty. To accomplish this, the Cushing Society is dedicated to:

  1. Building a mentoring network and community that spans all levels of neurosurgical training and interest, allowing students access to work closely with neurosurgeons and scientists.

  2. Connecting interested, dedicated students to basic science and clinical neurosurgery laboratories to spearhead research projects aimed at pushing our field forward.